Welcome to our page!  We are a small breeder located in Pennsylvania.  We started breeding 6 years ago!  We have had such a demand for our puppies due to their temperament, health, intelligence and beauty!  We take a lot of time to pair our adult dogs so the puppies have excellent personalities and a gorgeous appearance.  Our dogs are part of our family.  Your puppy will be accustomed to children, other animals, and have lots of stimulation and be well socialized when they get to you.  They will also be litter box or crate trained.  We do offer transportation for your puppy to get to their new home at an additional cost.  

     We will be offering stud service to a male standard poodle in 2019.  He will be cleared by parentage (all documentation can be found on the “our boys” section of our web page).  He will also have Penn Hip performed in the spring of 2019.  He is kyky atat and spsp.  He will be an amazing stud for your Bernese Mountain Dog, producing an all tri litter.  He will also be a perfect pick for any other doodle breeds.  

     We specialize in medium to large tri colored Bernedoodles.  The Bernedoodle is a cross between a poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Due to being bred with the poodle the Bernedoodle tends to be little to no shedding and allergy friendly.  All health testing and certifications will be found under the “Our Girls” or “Our Boys” section of our web page.

     Our GSP come in a variety of colors.  Ranging from black to liver, solid to ticked and roan.  

What is the process of buying a puppy from Bubbling-Springs:

  • A $300 deposit can be made to hold a puppy by personal check or Zelle as long as the puppy is under 6 weeks of age.
  • When the deposit is made a puppy contract will need to be signed.
  • If the deposit is made before the puppies are born it will hold your place on a waiting list. I will only take 3 deposits for males and 3 for females.
  • There is no guarantee that I will have a specific color in a specific sex of puppy. If this is the case your deposit can roll over to another litter.  However, I may not have another litter right away.
  • The deposit is only refundable if the puppy you chose does not get a clean bill of health when my licensed vet examines him/her. This examination will happen around 7 weeks of age.
  • All of our puppies are de-wormed on a strict schedule.
  • All puppies will have their dew claws removed at around 3 days of age. GSP puppies will also have their tails docked at around 3 days of age.
  • Your puppy will have all the necessary vaccines by the time he/she goes home with you.
  • I will send weekly photos of your puppy so, you can enjoy watching him/her grow.
  • Final payment must be made in full at the time you pick the puppy. It MUST be made in cash.
  • If you live a far distance and can not drive to pick your puppy and would like him/her to fly to you, I do offer transportation via Delta or United. The cost for a flight is usually $450.  There are other options for transportation if you would like to discuss those.  I would be more than happy!
  • I feed all of my puppies Natural Balance puppy formula.
  • They will all be started on litter box training.
  • Mirco chipping will be coming soon!
  • All puppies receive extra love and attention daily.


What is the process for Bubbling-Springs stud service:

  • We offer GSP stud service currently
  • We also will be offering standard Poodle stud service in 2020
  • At the time you decide to use one of our males as a stud, a stud contract will need to be signed.
  • You will need to show proof from a licensed that all vaccinations are up to date for your bitch. You will also be required to show a negative Brucellosis test within 1 week of the first breeding. Your bitch should be clean and free of all parasites.
  • Your bitch can be dropped off at our home and we will keep her for the duration of the breeding (usually 5-7 days). You should drop off enough food for her so, she doesn’t get an upset stomach while she is at our place.  She will have her own kennel while she is here.
  • Payment is due at the time of drop off (in full) CASH only!
  • Our goal is to breed your bitch every other day and have 3 successful ties. If your bitch is unable to be bred I will give you all but $100 back.  That $100 is for my time and effort.  I will take photos for proof of successful ties.
  • You will be required to pick up your bitch within 24 hours of her last tie or last attempt (whichever happens to occur).