Welcome to our page!   Our puppies are bred to have amazing temperaments, health, intelligence and beauty!  We take a lot of time to pair our adult dogs so the puppies have excellent personalities and a gorgeous appearance.  Our dogs are part of our family.  Your puppy will be accustomed to children, other animals, have lots of stimulation and be well socialized when they get to you.

Our puppies are raised the Badass way!

BADASS =Breeding Awesome Dogs Acceptable for Service & Support

The Badass Breeder curriculum focuses on laying a strong foundation of true respect and trust between puppies and humans, other dogs and the world around them. By creating steadfast trust and building confidence so early on, the BaB program facilitates a lifetime of high approach, confidence, touch tolerance, low sight, and sound sensitivity, as well as quick startle recovery regardless of the environment in which the puppy goes home.

We are changing lives through the power of a dog.

We offer ENS and ESI training when your puppies are 3-16 days of age.  We also do a puppy curriculum and perform puppy temperament evaluations at around 7 weeks of age.  

     –What is ENS?  Please refer to the following link to get more information on ENS.

The first 3 weeks of a puppies life is crucial.  Puppies are helpless at this stage and can’t see (until around day 10) or hear (until around day 14).  The best way to interact with puppies at this stage is through touch.  We do this be interacting and using gentle touch at least twice a day.  During days 3-16 the puppy is going through a very fast neurological growth and development.

ENS was developed by the US Military to improve the performance of working dogs. The breeder will do the same five exercises daily from days 3-16.  The exercises include tactile stimulation, head held erect, head pointed down, puppy in supine position, and thermal stimulation.

When performed it is known to kick the neurological system into action earlier than normal.  ENS it known to increase cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and a greater resistance to disease.

     –What is ESI?  

Early scent introduction (ESI) is a training program for puppies that will enhance their ability to identify, and react to, certain scents. The breeder introduces a strong scent to the puppy for brief intervals, and records the puppy’s reaction. The reaction will be recorded as positive if the puppy shows interest in the scent and becomes engaged with the scent.   A negative reaction is recorded when the puppy pulls his or her head away from the smell.  If a puppy isn’t interested or disinterested in the smell, it is recorded as a neutral reaction.

This is the beginning of making an excellent companion, service, and therapy dog. A dog’s smell is often very important. If a dog is a companion to a child with autism, his main function is likely to protect that child.   If the dog is able to easily follow the child’s scent and locate him or her, that could be life-saving. Another situation that scent abilities can matter is alerting an elderly person to a gas leak, or to something burning on the stove – again, there is the potential to save a life. Service dogs can also use scent to identify the early stages of diabetic reaction, or the onset of a seizure. All these skills enhanced by ESI.

It all starts when they are three days old and stops when they are 16 days old.  We use things like soil, lavender, clove, onion, alpaca fiber, rabbit fur, fennel, cinnamon, leather, apple, tennis ball, etc.  Every day we introduce a new scent.  Then we document the puppies reaction to the scent everyday over the course of 13 days.

    – We also offer stud service, AI and progesterone testing.  We have a parti phantom (tri) standard poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

– We specialize in standard F1 and F1b standard Bernedoodles, F1b Goldendoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs.  The F1 Bernedoodle is a cross between a poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  The F1b bernedoodle is a cross between a bernedoodle and a poodle.  Due to being bred with the poodle the doodle breed tends to be little to no shedding and allergy friendly.


What is the process of buying a puppy from Bubbling-Springs Doodles???:

We have a master wait list for our F1 Bernedoodles, F1b Bernedoodles and a master wait list for our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. When you make a $300 non refundable reservation fee and complete the reservation agreement your name will be put on our master wait list in order that reservation fees are made. When it comes to your name you will be able to pick a puppy or you can defer to another litter. If you decide to defer your name stays where it is however, we then move to the next person on the master list. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!

Current wait time for a puppy is approximately 6-18 months.

If you choose to be on our master wait list and there are no puppies currently available.  But, you would like to make a reservation fee to hold your place in line for an upcoming litter .  There will be 3 payments:

  1. First payment – will hold your place in line for order of pick – non refundable – $300
  2. Second payment – once puppies are born -this must be made no later than 4 days after the puppies are born to hold your place in line – non refundable – $200.
  3. Final payment (plus sales tax) – due at pick up unless your puppy is being transported via ground transport then the final amount, plus sales tax and transport cost is due no later than 4 days before your puppy is scheduled to leave our premises.    


If you weren’t on our wait list and the puppies were already born there will be 2 payments:

  1. First payment – will hold your place in line for order of pick – non refundable – $500
  2. Final payment (plus sales tax) -due at pick up unless your puppy is being transported via ground transport then the final amount, plus sales tax and transport cost is due no later than 4 days before your puppy is scheduled to leave our premises.    


  • There is no guarantee that I will have a specific color in a specific sex of puppy. If this is the case your deposit can roll over to another litter.  However, I may not have another litter right away, because we are a small breeder.  I also can’t guarantee het cycles or successful pregnancies.  I want a healthy successful pregnancy just as much as you do however, nature doesn’t always allow this.  For that reason reservation fees are non refundable but can be rolled over to another litter.  I can guarantee you will get a puppy.  I just can’t guarantee timing.  
  • We allow selections of puppies to be made after puppy evaluations and vet health certificates are issued (usually around 6-7 weeks old).
  • All of our puppies are de-wormed on a strict schedule.
  • All puppies will have their dew claws removed at around 2-3 days of age. GSP puppies will also have their tails docked at the same time.
  • Your puppy will have all the necessary vaccines and a health certificate by the time he/she goes home with you.
  • I will send photos and/or videos of your puppy while they are growing up so, you can enjoy watching him/her grow.
  • If you live a far distance and can not drive to pick your puppy we can discuss ground transport.  I have numerous reputable people that I would recommend for delivering your puppy to you.   I will also under certain circumstances offer air transportation via Delta or United.  The cost for a flight is usually $450 (this is subject to change and is not an exact estimate).
  • I feed all of my puppies Pawtree food. Order your food using this link:
  •             www.pawtree.com/bubblingspringsdoodles
  • All puppies will be started on crate training.
  • Mircochipping is available for an extra $30.00.  You can then register the microchips  through AKC reunite for an additional charge.  Please let me know if you would like this option.
  • All puppies receive extra love and attention  daily.


What is the process for Bubbling-Springs stud service:

  • At the time you decide to use one of our males as a stud, a stud contract will need to be signed.
  • However, we hold the right at anytime to cancel outside stud service if we need to use one of our studs for our program.  If this happens we will let you know and will refund your reservation fee.
  • You will need to show proof from a licensed veterinarian that all vaccinations are up to date for your bitch, especially rabies. You will also be required to show a negative Brucellosis test within 1 week of the first breeding. Your bitch should be clean and free of all parasites.
  • Your bitch can be dropped off at our home and we will keep her for the duration of the breeding (usually 5-7 days). You should drop off enough food for her so, she doesn’t get an upset stomach while she is at our place.  She will have her own kennel while she is here.
  • You will be required to pick up your bitch within 24 hours of her last tie or last attempt (whichever happens to occur).
  • Please review the stud contract.