Please click on the link below to review our agreement.  Then print, sign and date the agreement.  Finally, when you send your reservation fee you can also email us the completed agreement.
Non-Refundable Reservation List Agreement 

 Current Wait list for upcoming litters:

F1b Standard Goldendoodle litter:

  1. Kim D. – either sex
  2. Kathryn S. – either sex
  3. Crisolina A. – male


F1 Standard Bernedoodle litter:

  1. Service Dog pick
  2. Jillian G. – male
  3. Eric W. – female
  4. Beth M.  – either sex
  5. Kim D. – either sex
  6. Neil L. – either sex
  7. Chrissie W.  – male
  8. Jackeline S. –