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Posted by Owner of  Bubbling Springs:

I’m over the moon excited that all of the hard work I’m putting into my program by following the Empowered Breeder protocol and guidance is paying off! Through all the struggles and hardships that come with raising amazing dog’s and I was reminded that this is why I love what I do❤️❤️❤️. I look forward to see where my journey of raising service/facility/therapy dogs takes me!!
This is a story from one of my families that adopted one of our puppies. They shared their story on my private Bubbling Springs Doodles family group.

“I share this not for sympathy as my dad is fine but rather to show just how amazing these goldendoodles are. My 76 year old dad tripped and fell yesterday. Liberty has an incredible connection with him & they’ve spent a lot of time together since she arrived. Liberty wasn’t in the room when he fell but instantaneously knew when she walked in the room that he was hurt. She laid at his feet on top of his shoes and kept looking up at him to ensure he was okay. She did not jump up or try to grab at him but rather patiently waited for him to interact with her. My nurse friend came to look at him. She does not know this woman. Liberty didn’t hesitate to let her in the home, interact with dad & check dad out. Again, she patiently sat waiting for him! She is such a smart, intuitive & kind dog. Alli Mowery really picked out the perfect addition to our family.”