F1b Goldendoodle LitterAccepting reservation fees now!

Go home November 2021 – Maverick or Teddy and Harper – Mavericks litter will be very colorful – black and white parti, black abstract, black solid,  red and white parti, red solid and red abstracts – Teddy will produce red and white parti, red abstract and solid red.  Mom is 65 pounds – Maverick is 60 pounds – Teddy is 45 pounds. This will be the last goldendoodle litter until fall 2022.

F1 Bernedoodle Litters – Accepting reservation fees now!

Go home November 2021 – Maverick/Max and Nyla – this litter will be either all traditional tri colored or traditional tri colored, merle, merle tri, merle phantom, and phantom.  Mom is 100 pounds.  Maverick is 60 pounds and Max is 46 pounds.  This litter may be dual sired through TCI.  This will be Nyla’s last litter until fall 2022.

Go home February 2022 – River and Maverick  all of the puppies in this litter will be tri colored.  Mom is 100 pounds and dad is 60 pounds.  This will be River’s last litter until February 2023.

F1b Bernedoodle Litter – Accepting reservations fees now!

Winter 2021 – Asher and Maverick – the puppies in this litter will be tri and phantom. This will be Asher’s last litter until winter 2022. 

We will not have any litters in spring/summer 2022. 

Fill out a puppy application if you are interested in a puppy.  You can also visit our reservation page to see the current wait list for this litter.

****All parents have passed health testing before being bred*****

Purchase Prices

Bernedoodles – $4000 – $4500

Goldendoodles –  $3000